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Inspection Reports - There IS a Difference

March 5, 2017

Every so often, we get a phone call from a prospective client asking about price.  We explain that our price is based on the size and age of the house.  We can quote a firm price immediately if they can provide us with an address.  Sometimes they have called another Inspector and have been quoted a lower price and wonder why there is a difference.  Our response is "Because there IS a difference!".  Home Inspectors are not all the same.  A lot of time and effort should go into inspecting the house you hope to call home.  The Inspector should stay educated and spend the time to educate you, the client on things observed during the inspection.  A key component to that education is the Inspection Report.  I’ve seen reports from almost every one of the Home Inspectors in the area and, while some are very informative, others not so.  A good report has narratives and photos to explain what was observed, why it is a concern and a recommended course of action.  Unfortunately, some reports don’t so that, are difficult to understand and leave much to be desired.  One of the least effective is the "checklist" style report.  This is produced electronically or, oh yes, some still use multi-part paper and pen.  On average, our inspections take about 3 - 4 hours and the report is created back in the office from data gathered at the inspection.  A typical report takes about 1 hour to complete and some with more issues 2 hours or more.  Take a look at how the presence of a dishwasher air gap is reported in one of these "checklist" reports vs. our narrative report with photos. What does the first one do to educate?  There IS a difference between inspectors, how they inspect and report.  There’s also more to our story and what we offer - give us a call and we’d be glad to discuss how we add value above your other choices.

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